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Exoneration Dennis Fritz Journey Toward Justice Book Excerpt

Journey Toward Justice Book Excerpt - Exoneration 4/15/99

Judge Landrith cleared his throat and then spoke: “What you’ve seen is what I believe to be a truly non-adversarial search for the truth. We cannot replace the twelve years these defendants have been incarcerated, nor can we forget Debbie Carter. All we can do is move forward. What this day is is a day of freedom. Mr. Williamson, Mr. Fritz, you are free to leave this courthouse.” A smile crept over his face as he hanged his gavel.

As his words were being spoken, I closed my eyes, lifted my head to heaven, and said the words, “Thank you, Jesus.” When I opened my eyes again, my mother and daughter were rushing to my side, where they wrapped their arms tightly around me. Their tears flowed freely as we embraced. “Oh, Dad, I love you so much. Don’t ever leave me again,” Elizabeth cried from the bottom of her heart. My mother softly kissed my cheek with the tenderness that only a mother could impart. “Son, I love you so very much. You are going home to stay and I will always be there for you, no matter what,” she said in my ear.

Before he was swept into a swarm of people who wanted interviews and pictures, Barry hugged me with all the love and compassion that he had to give. He had come to my rescue and saved my life. —Page 452

Excerpt from "Journey Toward Justice" by Dennis Fritz
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